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Corn Week is Here!

After the fun I had with Strawberry Week, I couldn’t help but want to continue.  I absolutely love Native corn.  In my senior yearbook, this is what is says under my picture for “likes”: “the beach, horses, basketball and football, corn on the cob, true friends, snow, aquamarine, cowboys.”  All of those are still true, and corn on the cob continues to be one of my favorite things.  To kick off Corn Week, I think some “Corn Etiquette” is appropriate!

Abbie’s Corn Etiquette

  1. Only eat corn on the cob when it’s Native.  Native means local, in season.  If you see corn on the cob in a restaurant in January, don’t get it.  You will always be disappointed.  Although frozen corn can be very good, it just doesn’t compare to Native corn on the cob.
  2. You must always husk corn outside.  If you husk corn inside, you will find silk all over your house for days to come.  If it’s too cold to husk corn outside, then see rule #1.  Recently, I went to see the movie Sex and the City with a few girlfriends.  There was a scene where Carrie was husking corn in the appartment.  My cousin Shannon and I looked at each other, and I said “You don’t husk corn inside!” to which Shannon agreed.
  3. Throw the husks in the woods or in the compost pile.  I like to throw them in the woods, because I know something will eat them.
  4. Don’t husk the corn until right when you want to cook it.  It will dry out if you husk it too early.  On a related note, don’t husk it on the counter of the farm market you buy it from (as you’ll never buy good corn from the grocery store!).  It makes a mess, and the poor kid working there has to clean it up, repeatedly.  This makes that kid unhappy to see you next time!  Also related, don’t buy corn that has been husked and wrapped in plastic.  Not only is it a waste of plastic, the corn will be dried out.
  5. Bi-color corn, such as “Butter and Sugar” is way better than plain old yellow corn.  White corn, like “Silver Queen” is harder to find, but great when it’s available.
  6. Go ahead and roll your corn in the butter.  I suggest you designate a stick of butter specifically for this purpose in corn season.  However, I encourage you to give corn a try without the butter.  I like it with just salt and pepper, and I find butter masks the corn flavor.
  7. If you’re boiling corn, my preferred method, only boil it for a minute or so.  Don’t overcook!
  8. Buy corn on the day you want to eat it.  If you want sweet corn, it has to be fresh picked.  Once corn is picked, it starts to convert the sugars into starch, which is not sweet and is tough.
  9. Always have plenty of napkins and toothpicks on hand. 
  10. And finally, I like to plan on having 2 ears of corn per person.  Oh, and by the way, they’re called “ears,” not “corns.”

So here’s how we’re eating corn tonight!  Boiled corn with salt and pepper, served with pesto crusted salmon (using the pesto I made yesterday), mashed potatoes, and the first green beans from our garden.


Do you have any corn etiquette to add?


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New Look

I decided to change the format of my blog a little bit.  Hope you don’t mind! The small font had been bothering me, because when I type it’s big enough for me to see, but on the site it seems rather small.  Of course, I’m used to writing in chalk board proportions, so it may bother me more than others.  This design also offers a “search” option.  So for example, if you’re looking for a strawberry recipe, just type strawberry, hit go, and every post that I wrote with the word strawberry in it comes up.  (Don’t search strawberry, by the way, because that’s like half of the posts I write).  Let me know what you think!

P.S. Corn Week starts Sunday!!!


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Native Corn!

It’s last night.  My brother Jonathan is calling me.  I know what he wants to ask.

“We already ate supper tonight. You can’t come over.”

“Abbie, if we bring some delicious, fresh picked, native sweet corn…”


That’s pretty much how my brothers invited themselves over for supper tonight.  But it’s OK, because they brought a dozen ears of corn that they picked just before they came over.  It won’t be on sale at our farm market until Thursday, so we got a special sneak preview.  It was sweet and tender “Butter and Sugar” corn.  We boiled it for a minute or so, until just cooked.  Served with a little butter and salt and pepper, nothing says “Summer!” like native corn.

I’ve decided that next week will be “Corn Week” and I’m brainstorming posts… If you have any requests for Corn Week posts, leave a comment.


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