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Garden Update

It’s been a while since I posted pictures from my gardens, so I thought it was time.

The hydrangeas and petunias in the front are really doing well.  However, my formerly blue hydrangeas have turned a shade of lilac-blue due to the alkalinity of our well water.  They’re beautiful either way.  And speaking of water, the repair guys came today and did a band-aid fix that will last for a little while, I hope, until they can replace the defective parts next week.  Needless to say, I’m very upset about the continued problems with the water pump, but I’m happy to be able to continue to water my plants, shower, wash dishes and laundry, drink water, wash my hands, and cook dinner. 

I’m not happy about all the dirt that comes along with disturbing the well pump, so I’ll be cleaning it out of the toilets, sinks, shower and tub for the next week or so.  At least I took some time off of water use, which will help with the Crunchy Domestic Goddess’s Five Minute Shower Challenge.  OK back to flowers! Here’s a close-up of one of the hydrangeas. 


The back flower garden is plugging along quite nicely, and has become the lowest maintenance garden that we have.  The impatiens have really been enjoying the afternoon shade, and have filled in well.  The white bleeding heart is also going strong.  This week, Ed’s mom gave us some morning glories, which I planted to climb up the trellises.  This garden gets nice sun in the morning, so I hope this is a good spot for them.  I’ve always loved the true blue of morning glories, ever since I first saw them in Grandma Rose’s garden. 

The first blooms on the blue lace cap hydrangea in the back are beginning to open.  Unlike the fullness of the mophead hydrangeas in front, this one will open a few blooms wide, and keep the small, bud-like flowers in the center, giving it a lacy appearance.  This one looks lilac, too, but it was supposed to be blue.  Oh well, I can’t change the pH of my groundwater.

And finally, the veggie garden.  The lettuce is coming along really well.  We’ve already eaten quite a few, and I’m planning to plant some more seeds of different varieties for a longer harvest.  I’ve gotten compliments from my family and from our friends Marcia and Brian when I’ve served them our home grown salad.  Now if only those tomatoes would hurry along so I could serve something other than a lettuce salad…

The carrots are doing pretty well, which means they’re growing, but nowhere near ready.  The snap peas are giving us about a handfull every couple of days, which seems to be just enough for the two of us.  The green beans are coming along as well, which means they’re alive, as opposed to the ones I had to rip out.  The parsley and chives are coming along as well.

Some of the tomatoes have buds and others are just working on growing a bit more.  One even has a tiny green tomato beginning to form! I was excited when I spotted it today! I’ve been adding ties to them as they grow, helping to anchor them to the stake.  I’m using some old yarn because it was on hand, and I figured it would give and be gentle for the tomatoes.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’d really like to can tomatoes this summer.  I plan to buy a pressure cooker so that I can cut down on the cooking time, but they’re pretty expensive.  I guess it just depends on how many tomatoes I get.  We’ll see how they do when the time comes.  I’ve got my sister-in-law Melissa to agree that we will can together, and I’m hoping she has a good harvest of tomatoes, since her garden’s pretty big.  I’d like to get enough tomatoes to last the year for spaghetti sauce.  I make sauce once a week or so, so that’s a lot of tomatoes! 

After a hoard of cucumber beetles attacked the pickle cukes, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, sugar pumpkins, and Stella Blue pumpkins, I broke down and bought some spray.  All the plants were suffering, and I lost one of the blue pumpkin hills.  I got some organic spray, and it seemed to do the trick, except that I have to spray it at dusk or it will end up burning the plants.  Those little black and yellow striped beetles can do some damage! My dad told us today that there are plenty of bugs in the soil just waiting because this used to be a pumpkin field.  Great!  Well, the spray worked so well that I decided to try it on the roses, which are under attack by something too small for me to see.  I’m guessing some kind of mites. 

Finally, the sunflowers are doing really well, despite my complete lack of weeding around them.  I put them against the back wall of the garden, because I imagine them beautifully blooming along the fence.  I’m excited to see them get really big!

OK, I guess that’s it for today’s garden update.  Tomorrow’s my last day of school, and I, like my students, can’t wait for summer vacation to begin!

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