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I’m a Bloodhound!

My brother, Nathaniel, got a new puppy! He’s an 8-week-old bloodhound, and he just so happens to weigh same as Joshua (held by my brother Jonathan in the photo above).  What follows is a transcript of Dukie’s reaction to the new puppy…

Hi! I’m a bloodhound!

I like cuddles!

We’re gonna be best friends, aren’t we?

Listen kid, around here we all pull our own weight. I’ve got the perfect job for you…

Do I have to guard the corn all night? Wait, I smell something…

This kid’s got a lot to learn.


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Puppy Dog Eyes

While my mom’s in Washington D.C. for a math teacher’s conference, we got to have my dad, brothers, and Duke over for supper last night.  When I saw Dukie sprawled out on the floor, I grabbed my camera and got right down with him.  It was so cute because his eyes told me exactly what he was thinking.  In both my and Ed’s families, the dogs talk.  They have their own voices, and they say what’s on their mind.  Here are some examples…


Are you going to pet me? Oh, you have the camera again.  Great! Now I’ll be on the blob! (He calls the blog a blob.)


Maybe if I just ignore her she’ll go away.


This is getting annoying! Do I have to get up and walk away?


Maybe I’ll just go to sleep instead.  Then he took in a breath and let out a big sigh.  Dukie does that sometimes when he’s tired or tired of being bothered.

Do your dogs talk to you?


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