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A Christmas Engagement

The Farmer’s Daughter and the Country Boy

Our Love Story, Part V

It was Christmas morning, 2002.  The alarm went off at 6am, and I didn’t want to get up. Ed turned off the alarm and reminded me that we needed to go to his parents’ house, and if we wanted to enjoy some time alone we should get up. We snuggled for a little while under the covers, in the cherry four-poster bed that Ed designed and built, and gave to me the night before as my present. Finally we got up, in fuzzy pajamas and warm socks.

Ed plugged in the Christmas tree lights and spread the quilt my great-grandmother made on the floor. We sat on the quilt and opened our presents by the light of the tree. One by one, we opened little things, until it came time for me to give Ed his big present: a welding helmet. He absolutely loved it, and to this day says it’s the best present I ever gave him. I felt a little silly, since he had built a bed for me, and I just bought him a welding helmet.

When I thought all the presents were opened, Ed told me there was one more for me, on the tree. In the early morning light, he had to help me find the silver ornament that he had hidden on the tree the night before. I plucked it off the tree, admired its beauty, and sat back on the quilt with it. 

 “It opens,” Ed said as he sat down in front of me. I found the latch and opened the ornament, revealing the velvety black box inside.

When I looked up, Ed was on his knee.  “Are you kidding me?”

“Will you marry me?” 

He was both smiling and teary-eyed as I opened the box to see my engagement ring.  Tears welled up in my eyes and I was so happy to say yes.  We were just a couple of kids, but we knew that we wanted to be together always.


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