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Birthday and Garden Plans

Today’s my 29th birthday! I was hoping that the baby might plan to make his arrival today, but it doesn’t seem that he will… I’ve got plans to go out to lunch with my grandma and aunt, and Ed’s mom is making a special dinner and sending it home with Ed.  It’s a beautiful day, the fourth or fifth in a row, and I’m thinking about gardening!

Ed and I always try to get each other practical gifts.  For the first year in our house, the house was always our gift to each other on holidays or birthdays.  In the last year or so, I’ll get Ed some new socks and work clothes, or make him a nice dinner.  He either makes me a peice of furniture (I love that!) or lets me pick out my own present.  For my birthday today, I’m picking out some plants for the garden.

Yesterday, I went through my seeds to see what I had leftover and perused gardening catelogs.  I organized my thoughts and updated my Garden page for 2010.  I also decided what I’d like to get for my birthday.

First, I’d like to buy some wildflower plants to add to my “wildlife garden.”  I decided to plant a wildflower garden a while back after a fawn died in our yard and we buried it in the woods.  (You can read the story, but it’s a tear-jerker! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!) I planted a mix of daffodils there, and they were beautiful last spring. 


Daffodils in the wildlife garden

I also broadcast seeded a wildflower mix last spring and nothing ever came up.  I’d like to plant some black eyed susans, coneflowers, butterfly bush, bee balm and cosmos to start the garden this spring.  I love the look of those old fashioned flowers, and I know they’ll bring pollinators to our yard.  I’ve been checking out catalogs and when I know the varieties I’ve selected, I’ll add them to my Garden page.

I also want to add some trees to our little orchard.  When I mentioned that to Ed last night, he said “What orchard? Those sticks we planted last year?” Um, yes! That would be our orchard.  In 5-10 years, it’s going to be beautiful!

sunday stroll 007

Our one and only apple blossom last spring

 I’d like to add a couple of peach trees, a sweet cherry tree, a shiro plum tree (they’re yellow and delicious!), a plumcot tree, a nectarine tree and some pear trees.  Not all this year, I’d like to add them over time.  My brothers told me last night that my family is planning to add about 500 peach trees to their orchard this year, so I may see if I can get a couple of them if there are any left over.  Otherwise, we’ll probably order a few trees.

All this thinking about spring has me excited to get outside and get planting! Just looking back at last year’s blooms has really brightened my day.  What’s going on in your garden?


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A Winning Week

This has been an exciting week for me, and not just because it was my birthday.

On Tuesday, I received a call at school informing me that I’ve been chosen for an award.  The local League of Women Voters honors women each year in March, since it is Women’s History Month.  Their theme for the award in 2009  is “Taking the Lead to Save the Planet,” and someone nominated me.  I’m so honored to have been selected for this award, since I don’t try to push my lifestyle on others and I don’t really see myself as a leader.  When I was speaking to my friend and mentor, Sue, I said “I feel like I don’t even deserve it.  I’m just a teacher.” 

As soon as the words left my mouth, I realized just how wrong I was.  I try hard to be a good role model in many ways for my students, and one of the things I focus on most is being a steward to the Earth.  I could speak on and on about the Pacific garbage patch, animals dying from plastic ingestion, BPA, dioxin, and the costs and benefits of recycling versus reducing, but all of that lecturing would be negated if I took a sip from a plastic water bottle.  I can’t just talk about it, I need to live it.  For example, my mother gave me a new stainless steel water bottle (blue and green) for my birthday.  I gave my dented, orange bottle a rest, and at the beginning of my first class, a student said “Hey! You got a new water bottle! I like it.”  They notice what I do, even if I feel like they don’t listen to what I say all the time.  I guess in that sense, I am a leader.  Still, I feel like I’ve only been at it for a relatively short period of time, and maybe in ten more years I’ll be deserving of an environmental leadership award.  Either way, I’ve taught environmental science to over two hundred students, and I’m sure I’ve passed on my environmental values to at least some of my biology, botany, and forensics students, and even my study hall students, over the past six years. 

I won again yesterday, when my butternut squash pie won the Pi Day baking contest at school.  I was pretty excited about that, too! I won a gift card to a local bookstore and a pi T-shirt made by students.  I was thrilled to hear my pie announced for first place.

This morning, my mother and I attended an organic gardening workshop at a local garden center.  While I felt like I already knew most of what was discussed, since a lot of time was focused on topics I teach in botany or environmental science, I did learn about an organic gardening magazine for New England gardeners and got to stroll through their pansy, viola, and daffodil filled greenhouses for a dose of spring.  Also, everyone who took the class was entered in a raffle for a bag of organic lawn fertilizer, and guess what? I won.  The amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are small, and it’s also a time-release formula, with water-insoluble nitrogen, which will decrease runoff.  It also contains corn gluten, which will help to prevent the germination of crab grass and other weed seeds.  I’m not opposed to these weeds, but hey, it was free. 

I typically never win anything, so I was excited to win three times this week.  I’m most proud of the “Taking the Lead to Save the Planet” award, but the other two were nice additions.  The League of Women Voters award ceremony is in a couple of weeks, and six different women will be honored there.  I’m going to have to make a speech, and I’m nervous.  But then again, speaking about my environmental ideals to a room full of people is nothing new to me, just ask my students.


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