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Community Building

A member of my town’s Agricultural Committee asked me to attend a meeting at the high school to discuss building a greenhouse.  Since my classroom (in the next town over) has a greenhouse, they wanted to get some input from me.  I felt like a big-wig, meeting with the superintendent, principal, science teachers, head of pulic works, head of the rotary, town manager and other teachers.  I gave my input, talking about how the greenhouse and agriculture in general can be incoporated into biology and environmental science classes, as well as how adding a botany course might be a good idea.

I got to hear the plans, and it sounds wonderful! They’ve got grant money to build a 30×50 greenhouse, many local farmers are going to donate supplies, the science classes and life skills classes are going to get involved, and they’re going to collaborate with elementary schools and the middle school.  They’re also looking at using town land to create a student farm, where a club of students will grow vegetables to donate to the local food bank and will learn from local farmers who are willing to help out.  Many of our town’s farmers have already been involved in the planning process.  It made me really happy to live in a town where our agricultural roots are so valued, and I’m planning to volunteer to help as I can.  I’m excited that my future children will be able to be part of such a neat program when they’re in school!


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Visit to my Classroom Greenhouse

The only bad thing about having a greenhouse attached to my classroom is that I have to go in a few times over school vacations to water the plants.  Once I get there, I love to look around at all the beautiful flowers in bloom and escape from the wind and brisk temperatures outside.  Today, I focused on zinnias, sunflowers and morning glories for a dose of summer color.  Afterall, it is perpetually summer in the greenhouse. 






We’ll also start some vegetable seedlings when we go back to school next week, but for now, the greenhouse is full of the flowers my class has nurtured since January.


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