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Back to School!

Today is my first day back to work after six months at home.  It’s incredible how fast that time just flew by.  I know I’m going to struggle to combine being a mother with working, especially in the beginning, and blogging will simply fall through the cracks.  I’ve set a goal of blogging once a week, even if it’s just to share a photo or two, but I’m not sure that plan is realistic.  I’ve decided to take a twitter and facebook hiatus so all my spare internet time can be devoted to this blog, though I’m not sure there will be “spare” internet time.

In the mean time, I’ve organized some wonderful guest posts from some amazing friends.  They’re generously sharing their stories, skills, photos and journeys.  Please check out each new post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting today and continuing until I run out of guest writers. Visit their blogs, too, and I think you’ll enjoy getting to know each of them.

Though I’m feeling torn about going back to work, I do love my job.  I love exploring the outdoors, working in the greenhouse, experimenting in the laboratory and figuring out how to save the planet alongside my students.  They truly give me hope for our future on planet Earth.  Still, I could never love my work as much as I love my son.

I’m still accepting guest posts if you’d like to contribute! Find the details here.


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Call For Guest Posts!

Hi everyone! I go back to work in a month, even though I’m in denial about it.  I’m afraid that I won’t be able to keep up posting on a regular basis, but I don’t want to take a full blogcation and be absent from the blog.  That’s where you, my dear bloggy friends, come in!

I’d love to host some guest posts, starting in early September.  Posts should fit in well here, including such topics as simple living, gardening, cooking, crafting, agriculture, outdoors, environmental activism or natural parenting.  

What’s in it for you?  Each post will include some linky love back to your blog(s).  If you want to include a link to your Twitter account or Facebook Fan Page, we can do that, too.  You’ll also have my gratitude!

What’s in it for me?  I will get some time off of blogging so I can adjust to going back to work, being separated from my son during the work day, and keep up with my responsibilities at home (ha!) while still posting new content here.

Please submit posts to AbbieR31081 AT aol DOT com.  Posts will be accepted on a rolling basis, and I will let you know what date I plan to publish your post. Note: This is a family-friendly site and I reserve the right to reject posts if they don’t fit my definition of appropriate.  I also reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, etc., because I’m Type A like that. 


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