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Haunted Hayride

My family’s farm, Rose Orchards, is putting on a Haunted Hayride tonight! After a 13 year hiatus, it’s back by popular demand! Please come on by if you’re in the area!

Click for details!


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DIY Kangaroo Costume

halloween 009

This costume was so easy to make.  I have a brown velour jump suit that my brothers affectionately call my “poop suit.”  Needless to say, I no longer wear the poop suit on regular occasions.  For the costume, I wore the pants as-is, and cut up the jacket to make the ears.  I got a brown hooded sweatshirt and stitched up the sides of the front pocket, then took the seam out of the top of the pocket to make the pouch.  I put a teddy bear in the pouch, since I didn’t have a stuffed kangaroo.  I stitcked the velour ears onto the hood, and voila! A kangaroo.  My original plan included a tail, but I ran out of time and energy.

halloween 007 halloween 002


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Glittery Pumpkins

Last year in December I took my remaining pumpkins and gourds and painted them to become Christmas decorations.  This year, I broke out the glitter and got started a little early.  I’ve had a couple of requests to post a tutorial for my Santa gourds, but I’m not quite making those yet.  I did take pictures today of how I made glittery pumpkins, which will serve as decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Start with mini-pumpkins, which also can be called Jack-be-Little pumpkins.  Choose pumpkins that are nicely shaped and without soft spots, and try to get ones with long stems, since they’ll be easiest to hang on to.

glitter pumpkins 002

Spread craft glue on the pumpkin with a paint brush.  You can paint it all at once while you hold the stem, or you can do it in two or three different sections.

glitter pumpkins 006

Hold the pumpkin over a bowl and sprinkle it with glitter.  Today, I used gold, orange and maroon glitter to make pumpkins in fall colors.

*Warning: If you need to sneeze, turn away! I sneezed right over the bowl and glitter went everywhere.  I can only imagine how messy this project will be when I have little helpers.

glitter pumpkins 007

Let the pumpkins dry completely while sitting on newspaper.  Use them for decoration around the house, but check them regularly to make sure they’re not rotting.

Do you have a favorite way to decorate pumpkins?


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DIY Halloween Costumes

I always love to make my own Halloween costumes.  Growing up, I was always a princess, bride, or mermaid.  Something girly and pretty.  In high school, I got into scary costumes as a part of our farm’s haunted hayride, so I loved doing scary make up, black shredded clothes, and crazy hair. 

Last night, we went to our friends Alicia and Vinny’s costume party.  I made a mermaid costume and Ed was a fisherman.  I wanted to make a costume that would be inexpensive and made mostly of things I already had.  First I thought I’d be a hippy, since I have a brown flowered dress that would be perfect.  But when I went into my closet to try on the dress, I spotted a turquoise dress that I bought over a year ago and never wore.  I knew it would make the perfect mermaid costume! I used glitter paint to paint scales all over the dress and used metalic and sheer fabric to make fins.  I had to do most of the sewing by hand because the slippery fabric kept jamming the machine, but that was fine.  Ed wore his fishing jacket, but I couldn’t get him to wear the waders.  I think we made a cute pair.

My friend Alicia made her own costumes, too.  She was an Almond Joy and Vinny was a Mounds.  Here are some pictures!

Alicia as Almond Joy and me as mermaid

Mermaid and fisherman

Close-up of the scales

Next week, all of the science teachers are dressing up as elements from the periodic table for Halloween at school.  I’m going to be gold, so I’ll be sure to post pictures of that DIY costume, too.

I brought s’more brownies to the party, and they were a big hit!


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