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My Favorite Flowers

He’s the only one who is allowed to pick my hydrangeas!


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June in Bloom

I think it’s fitting to start the month of June with a post about my two favorite flowers.  I got a chance to sneak outside for a few minutes during baby Joshua’s nap to take some photos.  He’s still asleep, so I might just get to post them, too! The peonies are in full bloom, and I love them!

These huge blooms really need to be staked, but I just haven’t had the time.  Note: those aren’t weeds under them, those are bird’s foot trefoil.  I planted them there on purpose for their lovely yellow flowers.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Besides, if any the stems supporting these great big flowers break off, I’ll just bring them inside to decorate.

I was also so excited to see that the very first buds of my Endless Summer blue hydrangeas are beginning to open!

What flowers are blooming in your garden?


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What’s Your Favorite Perennial?

Gardening season is upon us! I’m relatively new to perennials, since I just started growing them when we moved into our house.  I have a few favorites, but I’m dreaming of adding in another perennial garden somewhere in our vast expanse of lawn (untreated, diverse lawn).  Ed’s dead set against it, since he’s a fan of easy mowing.  It probably won’t be this year, but a girl can dream.

My favorite perennials are blue hydrangeas and pink peonies.  The hydrangeas are so full of blooms all summer long (variety: Endless Summer) and the peonies are gorgeous for just a short period of time.  Both are incredibly easy to care for, which makes them even better! Here are some pictures from last year’s garden to bring back memories…

hydrangeas 007

pasture 034

pretty in pink 009

in bloom 018

So what perennials do you like?


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Turn, Turn, Turn

While the “Endless Summer” hydrangeas are pleased to support my delusions that it’s still summer, the sugar maples won’t play along.  One thing is clear: autumn is on her way.

stroll turn 006

stroll turn 005

stroll turn 001

stroll turn 002

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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Flowers and a Surprise

stroll 003

The pink roses in the front garden are putting on a show.

stroll 005

This hydrangea in the back garden was supposed to be hot pink, but I guess nobody told her.  Good thing I like purple.

stroll 012

The front garden’s hydrangeas are still producing big, showy blooms.

stroll 008

In the veggie garden, the giant marigolds have started to flower by the tomato plants.

stroll 015

Despite beetle attacks, the zinnias are beginning to bloom.  The beetles are mostly gone, so I’m looking forward to lots of pink and lime green flowers.

stroll 014

Here’s the surprise! We decided to pull carrots this morning, since the ground was nice and damp which made them easy to pull up.  Thinking the potato plants were dead, I asked Ed to pull them out.  Turns out, the potatoes were ready! My mom had told me that when they looked dead it meant the potatoes were ready, but I still thought they were dead.  We got about 5lbs of potatoes from 3 experimental hills, so I think we’ll definitely plant them again next year.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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Garden Problems

 I’ve identified a few problems in the garden during the last couple of days.

garden problems 007

Heavy rains knocked down my white hydrangeas, but my aqua mason jar was a quick fix, and now I’ve got a nice centerpiece on the kitchen counter.

garden problems 001

These beetles on the other hand… I’m not sure how to fix.  They’re attacking my zinnias.  Any suggestions?


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Summer Garden

Sunday Stroll

It finally feels like summer around here! Yesterday, as I spent about five hours standing in the sun watching the baby horse, I got really sun burned.  I hadn’t planned to stay that long, but visiting mom and baby has a way of making time disappear.  It has rained almost every day for the past three weeks, so my skin wasn’t ready for that much time in the sun.  All that rain helped the weeds take over my garden, too, so Ed and I spent yesterday morning catching up.  I ripped out the lettuce because it was all rotting on the bottom, I assume from so much dampness, but everything else in the vegetable garden is doing well.

pasture 019

One corner contains herbs that I started from seed last year and this year: chives, basil, lavendar, dill, parsley, thyme, sage and borage.

pasture 017

Dill in bloom

pasture 020

Bush beans- green, purple and yellow

pasture 021


pasture 026


pasture 025

Snap peas

pasture 027

This corner contains tomatoes which are surrounded by sunflowers and marigolds.

pasture 031

I made an effort to add some flowers to the vegetable garden this year.  Johnny jump-ups are doing very well in the shade of the fence post.

pasture 024

I’m anxiously awaiting the blooms of hot pink and lime green zinnias.

pasture 016

Borage is attracting pollinators.

pasture 034

Speaking of flowers, the lace cap hydrangeas in the back garden are in full bloom, a gorgeous shade of purple-blue.

pasture 039

And of course, no Sunday Stroll would be complete without the showy mophead hydrangeas from our front garden.

pasture 042

pasture 041

What’s growing in your garden?

To see who else is strolling this week, visit the Quiet Country House.


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