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Horse Tales: Isabelle’s First Vet Visit

 vet visit 010

Isabelle turned 7 weeks old today, and she also had her first visit from the vet.  Look how big she’s gotten in only 7 weeks! For comparison, her mom, Annabelle, is 18 hands.

vet visit 014

Of course Dukie was there to look on, jealous that all the attention wasn’t on him.  As the vet was leaving, he called Duke “the perfect fat farm dog.”

vet visit 015

Back to the visit: The vet made friends with her, chatted with us about her birth, training, and eventual weaning, breeding Annabelle again next summer, and the merits of artificial insemination vs. natural.  Apparently there’s a 30% pregnancy rate with AI as opposed to about an 85-90% pregnancy rate the old-fashioned way.  We’d love to breed Annabelle with Isabelle’s dad again, but he’s out in Michigan.  At least we have a year to figure it out!  As for Isabelle’s checkup, the vet listened to her heartbeat and then gave her a shot for tetanus, West Nile, and Western and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.  He said he didn’t want to give her too many shots at once, and he’ll come back in 4 weeks.  When he gave her the shot, my dad scratched her neck, I scratched her rump, and the vet sneakily gave her the shot.  She didn’t even notice.  During the exam, Annabelle munched happily on grain.

As the vet said goodbye to me, he told me he couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get such a nice horse from the internet.  He said it was like a fairy tale.  We agree!

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Strolling with Isabelle

Follow along with Isabelle the Shire as she strolls today…

strolling with isabelle 013

I woke up this morning in the barn after a long night’s sleep.  We had a busy day yesterday visiting with people.

strolling with isabelle 022

After breakfast, we had a quick bath.  Here’s my mom Annabelle getting washed.

strolling with isabelle 030

Now it’s my turn.  I don’t really like to stand still during a bath, I’d rather go run!

strolling with isabelle 036

When we finally got to the pasture, I ran and ran and ran! I love to run around the big open field! I’m so fast!!!  Sometimes I go too fast and fall down…

strolling with isabelle 038

But I jump right back up and keep running!

strolling with isabelle 033

I got hungry, so I stopped running for a little while and then I took a nap.

strolling with isabelle 034

See you later!

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