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Visit to my Classroom Greenhouse

The only bad thing about having a greenhouse attached to my classroom is that I have to go in a few times over school vacations to water the plants.  Once I get there, I love to look around at all the beautiful flowers in bloom and escape from the wind and brisk temperatures outside.  Today, I focused on zinnias, sunflowers and morning glories for a dose of summer color.  Afterall, it is perpetually summer in the greenhouse. 






We’ll also start some vegetable seedlings when we go back to school next week, but for now, the greenhouse is full of the flowers my class has nurtured since January.


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Morning Glory Seeds


Believe it or not, I’ve already gotten started on the seed saving aspect of the Growing Challenge.  While snapping pictures of dormant perennials for the Sunday Stroll yesterday, I decided to pick off some of the morning glory seed pods to save for planting next year.  Our morning glories were so abundant, vibrant and beautifully blue, so I’m very happy to have saved the seeds for next year.  I kept meaning to get them in the fall, but repeatedly forgot.  I’m going to pop them open and pick out the seeds, but couldn’t do that with my gloves on outside!  If you’re going to save morning glory seeds, be careful that you store them in a safe place because they are poisonous if ingested. 


Last summer’s morning glories


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