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Challenge Posts!


Thanks so much to those who participated in my first challenge! Be sure to check out all the posts for a wealth of information!

Laura wrote about educating her son in Of seeds and water and environmental things.

Old Novice chose to educate her blog readers in her post Plastic garbage patches all over the oceans (with great videos!).

Rob wrote about his mom and his friend Martin taking baby steps in his post.

TaraChristiane taught the No Impact Man curriculum for a homeschool group, and reported on it here and here.

I chose to educate my son, and wrote about our first nature walk.

I think Earth Day is the perfect time to share these posts because they demonstrate that we can learn about the environment everyday!

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Baby’s First Nature Walk

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

As part of the National Environmental Education Week Challenge, I decided to take Joshua for a walk around the farm.  I believe that if you expose a child to the environment and teach him to love nature, he will grow up to protect it.

We walked with my mom through the apple orchard, under the covered bridge and by the pond.

At the pond we saw geese, a duck, three turtles and lots of frogs.

We saw daffodils in bloom, picked one and smelled it.

The peach trees were blossoming, and we were greeted by Dukie.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to join the National Environmental Education Week Challenge! Email your post or leave a comment by April 19th!


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