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Guilford Fair Parade

Lining up the tractors.

Nathaniel and Jonathan stand by their restored tractor.

The first of many fife and drum corps.

The beginning of the tractors.  This one was pulling 4 hay wagons full of kids, pumpkins, mums, decorations and a few cows.

A restored Farmall that belongs to our neighbors.

My brother Jonathan on their tractor.

I told Ed that this is the kind of tractor I want him to restore for us! A two-seater!

The middle school color guard.  The high school and middle school bands and cheerleaders did a great job as well.

4-H members and llamas.

One of the elementary schools had little covered wagons that sported “Go Green or Bust” signs.

The theme of the parade this year was “Cowboys,” as you can see from this float.

The library float.

More fife and drum corps.

Even more fife and drum corps.

We all enjoyed the parade, including my mom! Then it was off to the fair!


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Earth Day Parade

My mom and I went to Madison’s first Earth Day Clean Energy Parade.  Although the event was small and not well attended, I enjoyed it.  The parade had some hybrid and electric cars in it, as well as Segues and kids riding bikes.  Afterward, there were a few tables to visit.  We chatted with the folks from the Shoreline Greenway Trail, Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset State Park, and stopped at a table to learn about CT Clean Energy Options.  I signed up for the Clean Energy Options back in March, and now 100% of our electricity comes from wind and small-scale hydropower.  What’s best, it only costs an additional $7 per month, and I get the same UI bill as I did before.  Visit their site for more information.

Little girl riding in the parade.

Madison’s first hybrid town vehicle.

A Smart Car from Zanes Cycles.  They gave us a couple of water bottles.

A hybrid.

A carpooling hybrid.

A hybrid SUV.

 Another hybrid SUV.

Some more kids riding their bikes.

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