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What’s Your Favorite Perennial?

Gardening season is upon us! I’m relatively new to perennials, since I just started growing them when we moved into our house.  I have a few favorites, but I’m dreaming of adding in another perennial garden somewhere in our vast expanse of lawn (untreated, diverse lawn).  Ed’s dead set against it, since he’s a fan of easy mowing.  It probably won’t be this year, but a girl can dream.

My favorite perennials are blue hydrangeas and pink peonies.  The hydrangeas are so full of blooms all summer long (variety: Endless Summer) and the peonies are gorgeous for just a short period of time.  Both are incredibly easy to care for, which makes them even better! Here are some pictures from last year’s garden to bring back memories…

hydrangeas 007

pasture 034

pretty in pink 009

in bloom 018

So what perennials do you like?


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