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Stocking the Larder

Reassessing my goals…

pantry 004

Back in January, when motherhood was an abstract concept and I was dreaming of summertime, I wrote out my preservation goals for this season.  Let’s review them, shall we? I’ll add in commentary in bold italics.


  • 2 dozen half-pints strawberry jam –FAIL!


  • 1 dozen half-pints peach jam that would be nice
  • 2 dozen pints canned peaches maybe 1 dozen instead?
  • freeze 10 lbs Maine blueberries easy… should be able to accomplish this
  • 3 dozen quarts canned tomatoes not from my garden… but I still hope to get this done
  • freeze 5 dozen ears of corn maybe if I leave it on the cob
  • freeze as many raspberries as possible define “possible”


  • 3 dozen pints applesauce gotta do this!
  • 6 quarts apple pie filling I’m over it
  • 6 pints cranberry-applesauce maybe…
  • 6 half-pints cider jelly next year

I’m hoping next summer will be easier, when Josh is running around instead of being in my arms all day long.  If it just gets more difficult, don’t tell me now, let me keep my delusions.  Moms, how do you get this stuff done?


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