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New (to us) Outside Light

Ed spent the better part of the day on Saturday getting our lantern and outside light post ready to put in the ground.  On Sunday, after Tropical Storm Hanna was gone, he finished it.

Ed’s dad found the lantern in a dumpster on a construction site and grabbed it for us.  The copper has a beautiful patina from years outside.  The post is another salvaged item from a job site.  Ed had to do a little bit of soldering and painting, and one pane of glass had to be replaced.  Just a little bit of work and we got this pretty new (to us) light for our front yard.



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Fence for our Vegetable Garden

Over the last 2-3 weeks, Ed and I have been working on building a fence around our future vegetable garden.  Well, mostly Ed’s been doing the work, and I’ve been doing the holding, handing, assisting, refreshments, etc.  Ed put in the posts, built fence pieces, and assembeled it all today.  The gate is salvaged from our old appartment at my parents’ house.  I’m so impressed with how Ed was able to design and build our garden.  I love being married to a builder!

All we have left to do is put some wire between the ground and the bottom of the fence pieces to keep out the bunnies.  I’m almost positive that our deer will jump right in there, even with the tall fence.  Then again, maybe they’re still full from all of our grass.

Oh yeah, I still have to plant, weed, water, etc.  Many of my seedlings, like lettuce and peas, are ready to be transplanted.  I drew out a plan today… we’ll see how close it comes to reality.


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