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Spring Garden


Heritage Red Raspberry

It was beginning to feel like winter would never end, but spring is officially here.  We got our berries in, and I spent this sunny Saturday morning out in the garden planting seeds.

Ed helped me get the soil ready, and I planted Johnny jump-ups along the fence, then got to work planting everything that could go into the ground now.  I planted many different varieties of salad greens but made sure not to plant too many lettuces that will all be ready at the same time, to avoid waste.  We’ll use succession plantings (I left room) so that we’ll have a nice supply of lettuce throughout the spring, summer and fall.  The salad greens planted include a baby lettuce mix, lamb’s lettuce, buttercrunch, four seasons lettuce, rouge d’hiver (a red romaine that we loved last year), Cherokee crisphead, green butterhead and red butterhead.  I’m daydreaming about those fresh salads.

I also planted some red, yellow, white and purple carrots, in addition to the traditional orange ones.  We love to eat roasted carrots and I can imagine how pretty the multicolored version will look.

A few red cabbage seeds filled in the row that the overwintered spinach occupies, and I’m imagining the cute little heads of cabbage coming in.  One of my favorite fairy tales has always been Rapunzel, and so I think the cabbage is fitting in my garden.  Rapunzel was named after the cabbage that her mother stole from the witch, resulting in the witch taking the baby…  I know, what an awful story! But I just liked her long hair.  Perhaps I’ll call my cabbage “rapunzel” from now on.

I planted some leek and scallion seeds, which I’ve never grown before.  I’m excited to see how they do this year, and thinking about the different recipes I’ll use them in.  The scallions will be great in my crab cakes or crab cake burgers.

Finally, I planted some sugar snap peas where Ed moved the trellis.  I had tried to move it myself, but I quickly realized that I’m not strong enough to use a sledge hammer with one hand while holding the post in the other.  I can’t wait to pick those green pods.


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Lettuce Sprouts



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Starting Seeds 2009 Part I


I was so happy to be able to plant some of my seeds today.  A few weeks ago, I went through my seed packets, decided which I wanted to start indoors and which would be directly seeded into the garden, and counted back from when I’ll transplant them to figure out when I should start the seeds.  One of my goals for this year is to start some of the annuals for our flower garden.  It seems silly to pay for a flat of flowers when I could just as easily start the seeds at home.  Another goal is to time things better, so I don’t end up with pot-bound seedlings waiting too long to get into the ground, hence the use of my calendar instead of just planting whenever I want.  It’s still very early, but today I planted 3 flats in our breakfast nook.


Flat 1: baby lettuce mix, mache, spinach, red cabbage


Flat 2: johnny jump-ups (violas), blue butterfly pansies, mixed color pansies


Flat 3: white impatiens (Okay, you caught me! What did you want to see more boring soil? These are last year’s impatiens.  But this is what I hope they’ll look like in my back flower garden.)

In a few weeks, I plan to start some herbs inside, and on St. Patty’s Day, I’ll plant peas, mache, cabbage and broccoli outside.

Are you making plans for the garden or starting to plant seeds?


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Morning Glory Seeds


Believe it or not, I’ve already gotten started on the seed saving aspect of the Growing Challenge.  While snapping pictures of dormant perennials for the Sunday Stroll yesterday, I decided to pick off some of the morning glory seed pods to save for planting next year.  Our morning glories were so abundant, vibrant and beautifully blue, so I’m very happy to have saved the seeds for next year.  I kept meaning to get them in the fall, but repeatedly forgot.  I’m going to pop them open and pick out the seeds, but couldn’t do that with my gloves on outside!  If you’re going to save morning glory seeds, be careful that you store them in a safe place because they are poisonous if ingested. 


Last summer’s morning glories


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