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Winter Wonderland

Photo credit to my mom for the last one!


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Yesterday was the biggest snowstorm I’ve ever seen.  I heard on the news that a neighboring town got 30″ of snow and broke the record from 1888.  We got about 2′ of snow yesterday, on top of the foot that fell over the weekend.  I got two days off of school, too!

Our deck. The snow is up to the seats of the chairs!

The back of our house with tracks from the snowmobile.  The snow was too high  for it and Ed had to dig it out three times in only one lap around the house.

My dad had to plow our road to get to our house to plow the driveway. 

 The view from the bottom of our driveway.  How’s your weather?

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Snow Day!

We’ve got about 2 feet of snow, on top of the foot that was here from the weekend.  It’s still snowing hard outside, too!

Joshua and I are staying warm inside, but Ed’s busy “working” out in the snow.  See?

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Blue and White

My favorite color combination.


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Snow Baby


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Sun and Snow

I’ve decided to participate in Blue Bird Baby’s 30 Days of Beauty photography challenge.  Part of the point of the challenge is to stop wishing for spring and appreciate the winter beauty that’s all around us.  Now, I’m not sure I’ll actually get 30 days-worth of pictures, but I’m going to play along here and there.

Our 90-minute delay gave me some extra time this morning, and I got a chance to snap a few pictures of the sun, low in the sky, shining through the trees in our backyard. I love the silhouettes of the trees against the sky, and their shadows on the fresh snow.


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