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Happy Easter!


Hope your day was as pleasant as ours.


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On the Bright Side

I’m usually an optimist, and depressing is just not my style.  Sure, times are hard, but walking outside and taking in all the beauty around me makes me smile.


More daffodils are opening.


I can imagine what this patch will look like in full bloom.


The spinach that overwintered is starting to grow again, and the bright green leaves are a welcome sight in my mostly empty garden.


A johnny jump-up that seeded itself in my flower garden.  Walking by and spotting this little guy made my day.

What simple things make you smile?


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Spring Flowers

Sunday Stroll

The daffodil bulbs that I planted last spring are up, and a few have even started to open.  I was so happy to see those little dots of cheery yellow out the window.




What’s in bloom where you are?

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While cooking supper, the late afternoon sun on the pansies caught my eye.  Shortly after I took this photo, I saw a little white bug on one of the leaves.  Further inspection revealed more bugs.  I quickly mixed together a soapy water solution and sprayed it on the leaves.  I’m hoping it will work.  Just in case, do you have a home remedy? I was thinking of leaving it outside overnight, hoping the cold would do in the bugs.  Thoughts?


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Green and Rain

Walking around the edge of the forest today, I couldn’t help but notice the two sure signs of spring: the color green making its triumphant return, while the rain drizzled all around.


Raindrops collect on the needles of a white pine.


Droplets on a newly emerged tulip’s greenery.


Daffodils slowly reach toward the sun.


Drips on a recently sprouted, unidentified plants on the forest floor.

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New Beginnings

Sunday Stroll


If you look carefully, you can see the raspberries that we planted outside of the garden fence.  While we do have deer in our yard a lot, I’m not that worried about them eating the raspberries because of the thorns.  It’s the birds I know will get to the raspberries, whether they’re in a fence or not, so we put them outside to save room for the veggies inside.


Here’s a picture of the garden where I planted seeds yesterday.  It just looks like sticks for now, but I can imagine the lettuce and peas already.


The spring breeze kept the wind chimes playing throughout the day.  It was nice to listen to them as I planted seeds and any time I went outside.


The bleeding hearts in the back flower garden are starting to make their appearance.  These white bleeding hearts do very well in the back of the house, thanks to the shade in the afternoon.

On a related note, I’ve added a new Garden page, where you can see what’s in our garden currently and when it was planted.  I hope to add many more plants to the list and some pictures as the growing season goes on. 

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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