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Black & Whites on the Farm

For the record, I was inspired by Jena‘s photos!



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Our First Family Hayride

This isn’t a guest post, I’m actually writing a post myself!!!

It wasn’t really hayride season yet, but I knew if we showed up at the farm on Saturday that we could convince someone to hook up a wagon, throw on some bales of hay and give Joshua his first ride.  And that’s exactly what happened.

The view of the farm from the woods

Heading into the covered bridge; my brother Jonathan’s driving

The river that borders the farm

Ed looks out into the woods

My dad looks into the apple orchard

A stop in the pumpkin patch. Joshua was sleepy, so we’ll have to do more pumpkin pictures later!


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Uncle Nate came to mow hay next to us today!

I want to sit in the tractor with him!

I’m driving!

I need to concentrate, this is hard work!

Hi Mommy!


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While the Sun Shines

while the sun shines 007

This was the view out of my front door today.  My brother Nate drove the tractor to the hay lots near my house.

while the sun shines 009

It’s been so rainy this summer that this is the first cutting.  My uncle mowed it yesterday, Nate tedded today, and they’ll probably bale it tomorrow.

while the sun shines 008

The tedder spins around and fluffs up the hay, helping it dry out.

while the sun shines 010

I’ve been lucky that I haven’t helped to make hay often.  It’s these gosh darn allergies that keep me from helping…  How convenient?

while the sun shines 005

I have to give special thanks to my brothers for this post.  First, Nate called me to let me know that I should come take pictures, then Jon helped me spell “tedder” correctly and also let me verify that I know what it does! Thanks boys!


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Playing in the Snow

After spending the majority of the day in the garage working on the cabinets for our pantry, Ed got a chance to go out and play in the snow with his snowmobile and tractor.  He first used the little scraper on the back of the tractor to clean up the snow on the driveway.  Then, he started whipping around the house on the snowmobile.  I guess even big boys have fun playing in the snow.





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Sunday Stroll

I noticed that Joyce does a Sunday Stroll on her blog, and after watching for a few weeks, I’ve decided to join in.  Since it’s my first stroll, I’ve got some more general pictures to give you an idea of the layout of my house and gardens (if you’ve never been here!).  In the future, I’m sure I’ll have more close-ups and updates.

Here’s a shot of the front of our house.  Note that “brown is the new green” when it comes to our front lawn… we don’t water it but every time I look at it I think we need to start!  Ed and I designed our home to look like a cute little cottage, with the dormers in the front and on the garage.  They look so good with Christmas candles in them.  The walkway in the front is stenciled concrete, done by my dad and brothers.  In the garden, we have blue hydrangeas and white and yellow petunias, along with a few pink roses and pink peonies thrown in by the porch.  If you want a close up of the hydrangeas- just look up at the Farmer’s Daughter title bar.  Ed built the archway (by the garage) for our wedding.


Here’s our vegetable garden.  In it, we grow lettuce, peas, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, yellow squash, pickle cukes, pumpkins, butternut squash, spaghetti squash and sunflowers.  It’s kind of a tight fit… Today I ripped out the peas and planted some new ones, along with some more carrots and lettuce for the fall.


Here’s a shot of the back garden.  I have morning glories, bleeding hearts, white, pink and blue hydrangeas, a peony, white petunias and white impatiens in this garden.  The impatiens love that they only have morning sun here.  That walkway is also stenciled concrete.

Here’s the back view of our house.  For some reason, the back yard is much greener than the front.

Here’s the hay field on the side of our house.  My brother Nathaniel came up in the big tractor to mow the hay.  Boys will be boys and Ed and Nathaniel lined up the tractors and asked me to take a picture for the “blob.”  I guess since I was doing a Sunday Stroll, it worked out perfectly.  The tractor on the left is my family’s and the tractor on the right is Ed’s and mine.

To see who else is strolling today, head on over to:  http://quietcountryhouse.blogspot.com/

Oh, and I know I said “Corn Week” will begin today.  It will! I’ll post a picture of our supper later on.


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