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I didn’t get to help out with the turkeys today, since I went to school and later to help out at the farm market with Thanksgiving pies.  Thanks to Ed’s mom Marie for these pictures!


The turkeys

After the turkeys are killed, using a cone, and bleed out, they’re dunked in boiling water to scald them and make the feathers come out easier.

The turkey then goes into a plucker, which removes most of the feathers.

Some feathers remain, and need to be taken out by hand.  The turkeys are also gutted.

It was chilly enough today to do this outside, which helps to cool the meat.

The finished product goes into the cooler.  Some will be cut apart and/or vacuum sealed and frozen.

Tucker had a hard day!


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Baby Wild Turkeys

Ed and I knew it was getting to be time for the little turkeys to hatch, and have been expecting to see them for about a week.  This afternoon, I spied a new momma turkey and her brood through my kitchen window.  I tried to quietly open the back door so I wouldn’t scare her off, and then I took these shots.  The babies are so small, you can barely see them over the grass.  I think I counted 10, but I’m not sure.

baby wild turkeys 002

baby wild turkeys 004


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Phew! The kids took their AP Exams today and I gave my final presentation at my grad class tonight.  Now, it’s all downhill to summer vacation.  Not that I’m counting the days or anything.

I’m off to watch Deadliest Catch on the couch with Ed, then get a good night’s sleep.  I leave you with a shot of this wild turkey in our front yard.

planting chestnut trees 024


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Two Toms

Every night this week, we’ve seen a bunch of wild turkeys outside our back window.  There are two Toms and a big group of females.

two toms 011

We wonder if any of these turkeys are the chicks we saw last year.

two toms 014

We can’t wait to see all the little ones this summer.

What wildlife are you seeing at your house?


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Baby Turkeys!


Ed’s family was so happy with how well raising pigs turned out last year, they’ve decided to raise some turkeys this year, too.  The babies are so cute in the photo above (from Mom Marie), where they’re about a day old.


Here’s one of the turkeys now, at about a week and a half old.


Ed holds the turkey inside his work area of the barn.  They’re living here for now, under lights to keep them warm.


Here are the turkeys in their home.  They’re trying to fly out of the pen now, but a screen across the top keeps them safe inside.

As the turkeys get older, they’ll be moved to a pen where they can free-range until Thanksgiving.  I’m so excited that we’ll be able to add sustainably and humanely raised turkey to our table this year.


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Last night, Chris and Melissa came over to enjoy the fish we caught the day before.  I made fried fish, boiled red potatoes, corn on the cob, snap peas and salad from our garden.  We enjoyed my latest experiment, sweet cherry pie, for dessert. 

In addition to Chris and Melissa, we also enjoyed the company of turkeys and a deer.  We see the turkeys multiple times each day.  There is a mother turkey with two chicks (although she started out with many more) and a group of three females that have seven chicks.  A doe also stopped by the yard to graze.  We used to see deer every night in the winter, eating our grass, but now we see them rarely.

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