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June Challenge Update

Now that summer’s (finally) in full swing, it’s time for a gardening challenge update.

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  • most of my planting was done back in spring, but I have added succession carrots, bush beans (purple, green and wax), lettuce,  more zinnias and morning glories 


  • lettuce, scallions, dill, parsley, chives, sage, thyme, snap peas 


Reduce Waste:

  • continue to carry water bottle, reusable bags, reusable containers, cloth napkins, etc.
  • compost

Preparation and Storage:

Build Community Food Systems:

  • the biggest development was the birth of the little horse, who will help build our local food system by attracting children and adults alike to our farm market
  • visit local farmers’ markets
  • of course, visit my family’s farm market for anything I can (strawberries!!!)
  • Ed continues to help at his brother’s aquaculture business

Eat the Food:

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Amending the Soil

Yesterday’s sunny afternoon allowed us to get in some work on the vegetable garden.  One corner was planted a while back, but the rest of it needed to get cleaned up, weeded, and blended with composted manure.


Ed turns up the soil, carefully avoiding the area I’ve already planted (while I reminded him repeatedly).


Nathaniel was kind enough to bring the manure from Ed’s parents’ house to our house in his truck.  He traded the trucking for a haircut, and I was happy to trade.


Then he helped out by shoveling the manure into a wheelbarrow with Ed and the boys took turns carting it into the garden.


I took a turn carting the heavy manure into the garden when Jonathan came to visit (in the Mustang in the background) and offered to take a picture of me. 


Oops! The wheelbarrow dumped to the side, but it landed in the garden so I still consider it a success.  After that, the boys wouldn’t let me cart it anymore, and I was happy to go back to my role as photographer.


Some of the manure remains in the driveway, waiting to be added to the flower gardens later in the week.  How do you amend your soil?


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Spring Break Gardening

This week is spring break and I’m planning to enjoy the time off on my vacation.  The sunny location I’m visiting is right in my own yard.  I spent today outside in the gardens, cleaning up and getting ready for the growing season.  When all the work was done, I grabbed my camera so I could post an update.


I started the day by planting  more raspberries, this time Royalty Purple, and some Chester blackberries.  The photo above shows leaves on the Heritage Red raspberries we planted about a month ago.


In the vegetable garden, the mixed baby lettuce is starting to emerge, which is the first among the many different lettuce varieties I planted.


The peas are up and stretching toward the sun.  I hope to see their tendrils wrapping around the wires before long.

I weeded and cleaned out the front and back flower gardens, as the hydrangeas, bleeding hearts and peonies are coming out of dormancy.  But the flowers already in bloom stole the show.


The daffodils are still beautiful, as more and more of them open each day.  I’m already scheming to plant more of these bulbs up around our mailbox in the fall.  The one day of planting is well worth the show in spring.


The potted pansies are still showing off, thriving with the chilly evening temperatures.


What’s going on in your gardens?


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New Beginnings

Sunday Stroll


If you look carefully, you can see the raspberries that we planted outside of the garden fence.  While we do have deer in our yard a lot, I’m not that worried about them eating the raspberries because of the thorns.  It’s the birds I know will get to the raspberries, whether they’re in a fence or not, so we put them outside to save room for the veggies inside.


Here’s a picture of the garden where I planted seeds yesterday.  It just looks like sticks for now, but I can imagine the lettuce and peas already.


The spring breeze kept the wind chimes playing throughout the day.  It was nice to listen to them as I planted seeds and any time I went outside.


The bleeding hearts in the back flower garden are starting to make their appearance.  These white bleeding hearts do very well in the back of the house, thanks to the shade in the afternoon.

On a related note, I’ve added a new Garden page, where you can see what’s in our garden currently and when it was planted.  I hope to add many more plants to the list and some pictures as the growing season goes on. 

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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Fence for our Vegetable Garden

Over the last 2-3 weeks, Ed and I have been working on building a fence around our future vegetable garden.  Well, mostly Ed’s been doing the work, and I’ve been doing the holding, handing, assisting, refreshments, etc.  Ed put in the posts, built fence pieces, and assembeled it all today.  The gate is salvaged from our old appartment at my parents’ house.  I’m so impressed with how Ed was able to design and build our garden.  I love being married to a builder!

All we have left to do is put some wire between the ground and the bottom of the fence pieces to keep out the bunnies.  I’m almost positive that our deer will jump right in there, even with the tall fence.  Then again, maybe they’re still full from all of our grass.

Oh yeah, I still have to plant, weed, water, etc.  Many of my seedlings, like lettuce and peas, are ready to be transplanted.  I drew out a plan today… we’ll see how close it comes to reality.


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