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Menu for the week of 3/12

Monday- Joshua’s 8th Birthday! Baked ziti with sausage, broccoli, salad and cake

Tuesday- burgers, macaroni and cheese, carrots, salad

Wednesday- Chicken pot pie for pi day!

Thursday- pork chops, potatoes, applesauce, salad

Friday- grilled chicken, rice, broccoli, salad

Saturday- beef barley veggie soup, homemade bread

Sunday- salmon, rice, broccoli, salad

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really careful about what I eat, so I wanted to share that I eat the same as what I cook for my family, I’m just really careful about portion sizes. I plan on one serving of protein, one serving of carbohydrate, two servings of vegetables (or one veggie and one fruit), and a fat like cheese or salad dressing. I am not super strict but that’s the formula I try to follow. I source food as close to home as possible, and we have our pig, chickens and turkeys in the freezer. I just started buying eggs from my cousin who lives next door, so that’s perfect! We eat fish and shellfish my husband catches, and eat fruits and veggies from our garden or our parents’ farms in season. I buy local milk in returnable glass bottles from a local farm delivery service. I cook from scratch as much as possible and I have a few tricks (like adding turmeric to brown rice to turn it yellow so the picky members of the family don’t know it’s brown rice, and cooking it in the instant pot) A typical day for me looks like this:6:30 am Breakfast- a shake made from chocolate shakeology with spinach, almond milk, half a banana and a tsp of peanut butter. 11:45 Lunch at school- leftovers, a sandwich or salad with an apple. 4:00 afternoon snack of carrots and hummus or yogurt and fruit6:00 dinnerI’m not perfect by far but I’ve been able to keep weight off for 5 years (excluding pregnancy!) and do it in a healthy way. Any questions, I’m happy to answer!

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Baby Weight

When I see this picture of me at age 20, I can’t help but wonder: Will my tummy ever be that flat again?

I didn’t gain an inordinate amount of weight with my pregnancy: the 40 pounds that I put on was within the healthy range for weight gain. After losing about 25 pounds in the first few weeks after giving birth to Joshua, I assumed the rest of the weight would melt off and I’d be below my pre-pregnancy weight in no time, especially since I was planning to exclusively breastfeed.

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A week before Joshua was born


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