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Three Horse Hitch

3 horse hitch

Bob, Bill, and Vinny

I took this picture 10 years ago when I was a senior in high school.  I was in a photography class, and we could only print black and white photos in our darkroom at school.  Now, I love that this photo is in black and white.

Bob and Duke were our first team, and you can read about when we got them in “Our First Team”.  Bob was heartbroken after his brother Duke died of a split intestine when I was a sophomore in high school.  We got Bill and Vinny, a new team, and my dad turned the wagon into a three horse hitch, so Bob could stroll along with them.  By this time, Bob was older, so he didn’t actually pull the wagon, but he was hitched to the other boys and got to feel like he was pulling.  Now that Bob’s gone, too, we’re back to a team of two.

But someday, when baby Isabelle is big enough, we plan to bring back the three horse hitch.


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