My name is Abbie and I’m a farmer’s daughter.  I’m also a wife, mom of 3 wonderful children, and teacher.  I grew up on my family’s 300+ year old farm in Connecticut, and that has shaped my life.


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  1. Dotty Bavin

    Crab cakes are a favorite of Mont and I – what time is dinner tonight?

    Love Aunt Dot

  2. Hi Abbie,

    Great blog! Gives inspiration for all of us who live in the city..

    Thanks for the beautiful photos and the recipes 🙂


    Raz Godelnik

  3. The MagCritic

    Great advice and great blog — you are an inspiration – we have made life so complicated over the years – it is time to slow down as smell the grass – green grass that is —

    I do a magazine blog – and am pushing a greener, quality driven magazine industry —

    keep up the excellent work


  4. emerson430

    Hi Abbie, Ben from Island School Conference here.

    Thanks to your mom for sending along the link to your blog, I love what you have been sharing. So much so that I am trying it out myself. http://emerson430.wordpress.com/

    I too have taken the HFCS challenge. It’s not easy.

    I love the idea about having a CD burned with all the articles you want your kids to read instead of the copies. I might steal that.

    Hope your summer is going well. We are off to Maine tomorrow so we’ll see about writing up there.

  5. Hi Abbie…I wanted to send you an email but couldn’t find your address! can you send me an email at aplscarnival (at) gmail (dot) com and then I can respond? Thanks!

  6. Thanks for posting on button on your site. As an FYI we are conducting a blog contest around this image. You should participate!

  7. farmersdaughterct

    Hi Andrew- I did sign up for the contest via email, though I’m not really certain what the point of it is. Anway, my blog has not been added to the FOF site.

  8. Dotty Bavin

    It’s amazing how we feel better once we have a chance to get things off our chest – hopefully, tomorrow you will have pleasant customers who appreciate someone as special as you!

    The wonderful weather gave me the iniative to help Mont cut down a tree, wash windows, clean my car, plant mums, make a ghost (great way to recycle an old white tablecloth) do laundry, visit Mema, visit Bill and Robin and make scalloped potatoes and still have time to work from hom – thank goodness for remote access!

    Tomorrow we will have a full moon so look out for the crazies!

  9. Liz

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m taking on a nutritional challenge myself! Check me out at: http://www.dietrehab.wordpress.com

  10. LOVE the updates you made to your profile, especially the pix! So honored that Dad and I made your site! Thanks for the very kind words!


  11. Hey great blog! I would like to touch base with you about your blog. Please contact me directly at chris@greenpress.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  12. Hi Abbie,

    I happen upon the farmersdaugher.com.
    Love it, I’m a farmers daughter in Colchester, CT
    Grew up on the farm, came back to the farm,
    Now live on the farm with my family Mark Tim & Sierra.
    I’m an Artist an inspired everyday by my surroundings.
    I also teach art to children and recently we did a show call
    “Keep the Country in Colchester” of all my students
    work at our local library.

    Where is your Farm?
    Enjoy the green colors of new hay growing!

    Julianna W Cameron

  13. You have such a pretty blog!
    I live in NYC, and your life sounds idyllic to me. When my daughter was 4, we went to a farm in upstate New York, and returned there for the next 15 years. We loved it! There was a pond, Princess, the ancient palomino who lived the perfect horse-life in the fields with her 2 pony friends – a Jersey cow, I learned to milk with her patient assistance and tasted fresh cream for the first time in my life, frogs to listen to – well, you know what it’s like. Thanks for the recipes. Some of them sound terrific. Let me give you an exceptionally easy one that’s great when you just don’t have a lot of energy: In a large pot that has a cover, place a quartered chicken, skin on. Chop an onion, slice a green pepper, and throw in. Add rosemary, basil, sage, and thyme, salt and pepper. Add a can of tomato soup (I know you don’t sound like the can of soup type, but I said it was for when you don’t have a lot of energy) and half a can of water and half a can of cooking sherry. Cover, and cook on a low flame for 1 1/2 hours. You can check after 45 minutes to make sure none of the chicken is sticking to the bottom. It tastes terrific, and requires very little effort. I serve it with a salad.
    I teach English in a junior high in an uptown neighborhood in Manhattan. 90% of my kids are from the Dominican Republic, and about 10% are from Russia. We have a sprinkling of African American, Asian, and Indian, but really, just a sprinkling. You have to have really good classroom management, and you can’t wing it – they know when you haven’t got it together and take advantage. When I get home, I’m completely wiped out. How do you do everything you do? I’m in awe!


    • Ronnie- Haha! I feel the same way now… we’ve got a little bit more to go before summer vacation! Truthfully, if it wasn’t for weekends and summer vacation, and the fact that we don’t have children, I wouldn’t get done half of what we do! We moved into our house and are still in the process of getting settled, so I’m trying to get everything in place before we have kids. I expect that then my productivity at home will go way down… 🙂

    • Oh, and thanks for the recipe! I certainly do use cans of soup when I need to 🙂

    • Dear Abbie,

      Sorry I took so long to answer, but I’ve been so busy!

      This summer I took a road trip with a friend. If you ever get the chance, go to Tarboro, North carolina. It’s a little off the beaten path, but the people are so friendly, and the town is so beautiful. Stay at the inn in town – beautiful.

      Right now, I’m back at school. My kids are great this year, and they have no idea what life is like outside of the city. When I explained how sheep have wool which is then made into yarn which is then knitted into a sweater, they didn’t believe me. Time to take them to a farm ans show them some sheep.

      This year, in my tiny plot of garden, I planted tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, and strawberries. Everything came up, and the eggplant is really terrific. I’ve just been slicing it and frying in olive oil and draining. It’s good in salads. If you’ve got something easy to do with eggplant, let me know.

      Also, to you and any of your readers, I’ve asked and asked, spent hours on the internet, and I still can’t find out what’s wrong with my apple trees! They’re about 5 years old, semi-dwarf, and they bloom, but no apples…ever. Supposedly they are a boy and a girl…maybe not? Any thoughts?

      Keep up the good work. enjoy your life. It sounds wonderful and your house is beautiful.

      All the best, Ronnie

      • As far as I know, there’s no such thing as a boy or girl apple tree. They’ve got both kinds of flowers.

        You need 2 varieties of apple trees to get apples. So, if you have all Red Delicious, for example, they won’t self-pollinate. Is that the case?

        I’d add a crab apple tree or some other variety for pollination to see if that’s the case.

  14. Kim

    I love your farm and your home so gorgeous you are so lucky. Yiou also have great recipes. I am saving your site in my fav’s. Thank you so much.

    Kim Skuce

  15. Samantha

    This is such a great website! I admire those who take advantage of a simple life. I’ll tell you a little about me since I got to read about you! I married into a big dairy farm we are currently milking 620 cows and have around 1500, I know we aren’t the biggest but we are the biggest in our area, I’m from Verona, NY. I know that farming is hard work and sometimes not so simple but my husband and his family all work together on the farm to make is run as smoothly as possible. My husband is the nutritionist on the farm, it takes him about 8 hours to feed in the morning and about 2 to feed in the evening and in between he’s mowing hay or hauling wagons or fixing something. But the reward in it all is they do it all themselves and it’s very sucessful. My heart breaks for the farms that can’t make it anymore because of the economy since it’s farmers and their families who make the world go round! 🙂
    Anyway, I am a stay at home mom, a helper at my daughters catholic school, a driver to swimming lessons and soccer and I love every moment of it. I absolutly love to bake, cook, garden, read, spend time with my two lovely girls. We make our own everything, bread, butter, sauce, jam, salsa, you name it my girls and I can it. We even have chickens and get our own eggs. I love this life and couldn’t imagine my life any other way. We have a very large garden it takes me a whole day to weed it (and I even use plastic!) I stumbled across your site looking for different ideas for pies. You have some wonderful recipes and I just really enjoyed your site! You really help people remember the good things in life and how you can make the most of your life with the simple things that God provides for you. Keep up this wonderful site! I’ll be back! God Bless!

  16. Graci

    very impressive that a young lady as you love to be in the farm and live the simple life instead of strutting at the wall street area of new york city! i happened to stop by your website hoping to find a recipe for rhubarb pie. i’m of asian descent, from the philippines, and rhubarb, as far as i know, is never grown in my homeland. i’ve never tasted rhubarb pie since i’ve been here in long island, new york, so with your recipe at hand, hopefully i’d be able to bake one for myself.
    i love the farm life too, but we grow different produce. my father was into coffee, cacao (cocoa) and coconut. farming in my homeland is very much different than here. we rely much on manual labor than machineries.

  17. Susan

    I love this site! How about a link to your local land trust! That’s green! They have kids’ activities and protect open space in your town – including farmland! We all have to work together!!

  18. Laura

    Hi Abbie, I have been subscribed to your blog for some time now and really enjoy your postings. I ‘m 47, married and have 4 kids ranging in age from 14-22. We live in WI and my dream is to live and work on a self-sustaining farm someday (hopefully before I retire.) Your posts are insightful and inspiring! You seem to touch on the topics that are dear to my heart with a no-nonsense, common sense point of view. Thanks for sharing your life, may God continue to bless you and your family tremendously.

  19. Megan

    Hi Abbie,

    I haven’t read your blog in a while (holiday times are busy!). I really enjoy your blog and photos. Your home looked lovely for the holiday and your shower looked great. How lucky your baby is to have not one but three great grandmothers!
    I just wanted to say hi and hope you’re feeling well.

  20. But – what about the tall, dark four-foots in the picture? Is that a Clydesdale, a Shire, or ??

    (I followed Crunchy Chicken’s link. Congrats on the Dirt! win.)

  21. Robin

    Hey Miss Abbie,
    Where abouts are you in CT? I am in RI, and have been trying to find a blog that has country food made from scratch and some info on living a country life in NEW ENGLAND. I have found lots of farm country sites from other parts of the country – but none that I can relate to as our weather, etc. is moody to say the least.
    I have dairy farming in my blood – my great grandfather, then my uncle, ran a farm until about twenty years ago. I miss the cows. Anyway, right now I am a single mom at 40, and just trying to make it in my little ranch house on a postage stamp of property. I am starting a garden soon – just a little one – but it will be enough for my daughter and I. I want to go back to my roots and grow some of my own food, and live a simpler life. I have always felt the pull to live on a farm – maybe some day!!!!
    I really appreciate your recipes, and that they are all from scratch. Its just good country food. Would love to visit your farm stand if it’s not too far….you know us New Englanders – anything outside of a few miles, and we have to pack a lunch!!!
    Take care – and hope to hear back from you soon. The summer is coming, and it would be a nice drive to CT.

  22. Martha

    Hi – I am so excited to get to know your blog and follow your stories. I am not a farmers’s daughter but a farmer’s wife, who works off the farm. We have 180 acre farm that supports dairy, turkey and beef. My life on teh farm has been a journey and adjustment but I love it!! I cook from scratch – most of the time. I spent the weekend canning 28 quarts of green beans, 12 pints of dill pickles, froze a pile of green peppers and corn. I’ll be back in the garden this afternoon to pick another 5 gallon bucket of beans – the goal is 100 quarts. I am going to try your apple sauce recipe – thanks.

    Martha : )

  23. Hi Abbie, I just found your blog and wanted to thank YOU for spreading the word about raising kids the “natural” way and for the great things you talk about, really appreciate it 🙂

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