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June in Bloom

I think it’s fitting to start the month of June with a post about my two favorite flowers.  I got a chance to sneak outside for a few minutes during baby Joshua’s nap to take some photos.  He’s still asleep, so I might just get to post them, too! The peonies are in full bloom, and I love them!

These huge blooms really need to be staked, but I just haven’t had the time.  Note: those aren’t weeds under them, those are bird’s foot trefoil.  I planted them there on purpose for their lovely yellow flowers.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Besides, if any the stems supporting these great big flowers break off, I’ll just bring them inside to decorate.

I was also so excited to see that the very first buds of my Endless Summer blue hydrangeas are beginning to open!

What flowers are blooming in your garden?



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Touch of Spring in a Snowstorm

Wordless Wednesday


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I took these photos in the backyard today after I spotted all the pretty wildflowers.

spinach wild flowers 007

Ox-eye daisy

spinach wild flowers 011

Red clover

spinach wild flowers 010

Not sure what this one is…

spinach wild flowers 013

Dame’s rocket, just starting to bloom

spinach wild flowers 017

Dame’s rocket has become my favorite wildflower, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it’s invasive.

What are some of your favorite wildflowers?


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Bleeding Hearts in a Mason Jar

bleeding hearts 011

The bleeding hearts are taking over my back garden.  I love their pretty white blooms, and I’ve considered planting their hot pink counterparts, too.  But they’re problematic because they’re starting to crowd their neighboring hydrangeas, a white one and a pink one.  So, I grabbed the clippers and a mason jar and headed out to trim them back.

bleeding hearts 016

After I arranged them, I realized that I didn’t know if they’d hold up in a vase.  I asked my mother-in-law and soon found out that she loves to use these flowers in bridal bouquets, and that they should last well as cut flowers.  That made me happy, because I’d hate to cut these flowers to have them die in only a few days.  And I’m notorious for leaving dead flowers hanging around in my house.  I’ve got some dead daffodils in my bathroom right now.

bleeding hearts 017

I’m not sure why, but mason jars have become my favorite vase for flowers.  They just looks so much better than those crystal vases I got as wedding presents when I’m using flowers I cut from my own garden. 

bleeding hearts 013

Have you ever had to deal with a pretty plant that got a little bit out of control?


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Last of the Daffodils

I took a few pictures of the daffodil varieties that I hadn’t yet posted on the last sunny day we had.  Today, they’re all on their way out and are drooping from all the rain we’ve had. 






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Bleeding Hearts


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