Weekly Menu

Another busy week ahead! Fortunately I already prepped chicken fajita bowls for the grownup lunches and made a pot of chicken gnocchi soup and a pot of chili yesterday. It got COLD over the weekend and we spent our chilly afternoons at Josh’s baseball games. Well it’s bedtime now (past it actually!) but I wanted to post a menu before I fall asleep!

Monday- flank steak, potatoes, zucchini. Then I have a pto meeting after

Tuesday- baseball practice but I’m planning to stay home with the other two kids and make chicken thighs and brown rice with carrots

Wednesday- back to school night for me and baseball for everyone else so it’ll be leftovers and/or eggs

Thursday- baseball again!!! Pork chops, leftover potatoes and cabbage

Friday- we have a family wedding to go to! The kids will be home with Ed’s parents and I have no idea what they’ll eat. Pizza?

Saturday- we have an afternoon baseball game, away, so I’m planning to pack a picnic of tuna salad wraps, sandwiches the kids like, chips, apples and cookies. We can eat in the car on the way home 🙂

Sunday- same as Saturday, but I would like to think of something else that would make a nice picnic. Any suggestions?

Here are some pictures from the last week…


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