Durham Farmer’s Market

This afternoon, my mom and I checked out the Durham Farmer’s Market.  We wanted to get some of the delicious fresh cheese from Deerfield Farm, but we hadn’t seen them at the Dudley Farmer’s Market in Guilford since the Durham one opened.  Needless to say, we were happy to see them in Durham.

One thing that I really liked about the Durham Farmer’s Market was that they had a Children’s Story Time.  Anything involving education I’ll like, but I thought it was especially sweet to see children sitting and listening to a story while their parents watched or shopped.

Overall, the market was small, which I’m assuming is partly due to the fact that it’s the first year.  Also, I’ve heard that the town of Durham wants it small so that the historic green doesn’t get wrecked.  But wait, I seem to remember a giant event that takes place on the green, oh right, the Durham Fair.  Also, as the summer progresses, I’m sure there will be more available.  The only really disappointing thing was that I didn’t find any fresh baguettes.  There was a table with baked goods, almond filled bread and multigrain bread, but I was looking for something a little more simple.  I may have to swing by the Dudley Farmer’s Market to get my bread on Saturday morning.

I ended up getting some fresh garlic and chive cheese and some watermelon Italian ice.  I’m not sure if the Italian ice contains corn syrup, which as you may know, I’ve decided to quit.  I didn’t ask but I think I’m going to give the folks from “80 Licks” in Durham the benefit of the doubt…

We’ll probably go back, but not every week, as it’s kind of a long drive and the selection of fruits and vegetables isn’t anything that I can’t get at our stand.  But the lure of the cheese will draw us back.


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3 responses to “Durham Farmer’s Market

  1. I am on the alert for high fructose corn syrup and everyone in our extended family thinks I’m nuts. While we were in Connecticut, I got the kids even to check the labels on their food for high fructose corn syrup. =) Anyway, I’m sorry to have missed the farmer’s market although I am happy to say that we are home safe this Saturday morning.

  2. farmersdaughterct

    Haha! I haven’t even told Ed that I quit corn syrup. I’m just going to let him either figure it out (or not). However, there are still a lot of corn products in our diet…
    I’m making a cherry pie right now and I had to add corn starch, which is not organic. While I was measuring it out, all I could think was good thing I only quit corn SYRUP!
    Glad to hear you made it home safely 🙂

  3. Children’s stories at the farmers’ market: what a great idea! Our nearest market has just started expanding beyond food. Last time we went, there was a massage therapist offering chair massages. What will they think of next?

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