Dreaming about Swimming


Lately, I’ve been dreaming about swimming.  When I’m outside in the cold, I think about jumping into warm water.  The other night, I had a dream about swimming in a tropical ocean.  It felt like I was floating in the turquoise water.  I went under water, saw reefs and fish, even a sea turtle.  I’d come up, take a breath, and then go back under.  When I woke up, I had the most amazing feeling that I really had been swimming.  I can’t wait to swim again, but I don’t want to swim laps.  I want to dive under water, swim down to touch the sand or the bottom of the pool.  I want to jump back out of the water, doing my best impersonation of a mermaid surfacing.  I want to pretend that I’m a dolphin and practice what I remember of the synchronized swimming moves I learned in sixth grade, swimming gracefully through the warm water.

What warm weather activities do you miss?


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8 responses to “Dreaming about Swimming

  1. OMG, it’s time to go back to visit those torquoise waters on Cape Eleuthera! Island School anyone? Abbie, you are the omnipresent mermaid!

  2. Rob

    I dont know that one would call it an activity, But I miss sitting out on my deck in the sun.

  3. Gosh with the snow on the ground here in WV I can think of so many things about warm weather I miss, Lets see:
    Swimming, Grilling our food outside, picnics on the mountain, sitting on the porch swing, listening to the whippoorwills, crickets, and frogs, gardening, early morning coffee on the porch, late night football or basketball games played outside with the porch light on.

    Oh man- I wish spring would soon get here!!!

  4. Maybe you should watch the Blue Lagoon!
    I miss watermelon, and sitting on the porch at night reading the paper and watching the sun go down. I also can’t wait to go horseback riding again. Ooh and bonfires! I really miss those!

  5. I miss taking long walks through the woods with my husband and daughter; admittedly, we can bundle up now and head outside, although early summer mornings and late spring afternoons are my favorites for walking long and far.

  6. ~G

    I miss just walking outside in my bare feel wearing short shorts. Or being at the lake…tubing with the kids. Mmmmmm….warm sun on my skin…I miss it.

  7. Mom- I was thinking about that run/swim/run/swim/run/swim when I skinned my knee and heard there were bull sharks in the area. I never swam so fast in my life!

    Rob- I did that this afternoon!

    Jena- I miss strawberries!

    Angelena- Um, I don’t miss the frogs. But I do love the sound of the peepers that come out in the spring.

    Jessica- I miss long walks, too.

    ~G- I miss bare feet, too!

  8. Don’t hit me with a snowball, but I’m not missing any warm weather activities. It’s warmed up enough here that I have weeds, WEEDS, coming up in my yard! Who has weeds in January?!

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