You cannot imagine my excitement when I spotted these two in the backyard!

Look at my spots!

Great job Momma Doe!

Clover is yummy!

The End!


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7 responses to “Twins!

  1. Just beautiful! What healthy-looking fawns! They are so lucky to have your backyard to graze in, where they are safe. What a picturesque view from your window!

  2. How beautiful! The twin fawns look so healthy!

    They are so lucky to be able to graze in your backyard, safely. What a picturesque view for you!

  3. Gorgeous! Although, I hope they didn’t do too much damage to your garden. 🙂

  4. Love the photo’s. I can never seem to get my camera fast enought to get deer photos. I once chased a turkey out of my garden, snapping random photos, and didn’t get a single pic of him.

  5. Tracy

    They are so cute! Great Photo… just be careful of “ticks” from the deer. They aren’t so nice! Love your blog!

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