Pantry Update: My Valentine’s Day Present


Today, for Valentine’s Day, Ed installed the pantry cabinets.  He was so sweet, he even cleaned up after himself!


Here’s a view of the cabinets from the mudroom.  This is what people will see when they come into the mudroom through our breezeway door.


Here’s a view of all the cabinets.  Because it’s a little room, I had a hard time getting pictures!

The next step will be to put in the black walnut countertop, which Ed will do tomorrow.  After that, Ed’s going to build the upper cabinets.

What a sweet present!


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2 responses to “Pantry Update: My Valentine’s Day Present

  1. Rob

    WOW those turned out nice. Ed is an especially good cabinet maker!

  2. Ruth

    Sweet, exactly! Bet you can’t wait to fill those beautiful cabinets up!!!

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