Fence for our Vegetable Garden

Over the last 2-3 weeks, Ed and I have been working on building a fence around our future vegetable garden.  Well, mostly Ed’s been doing the work, and I’ve been doing the holding, handing, assisting, refreshments, etc.  Ed put in the posts, built fence pieces, and assembeled it all today.  The gate is salvaged from our old appartment at my parents’ house.  I’m so impressed with how Ed was able to design and build our garden.  I love being married to a builder!

All we have left to do is put some wire between the ground and the bottom of the fence pieces to keep out the bunnies.  I’m almost positive that our deer will jump right in there, even with the tall fence.  Then again, maybe they’re still full from all of our grass.

Oh yeah, I still have to plant, weed, water, etc.  Many of my seedlings, like lettuce and peas, are ready to be transplanted.  I drew out a plan today… we’ll see how close it comes to reality.



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7 responses to “Fence for our Vegetable Garden

  1. allison

    I am so thankful for this! I needed to see pictures, i have been searching forever trying to decide what type of fence to put up around my garden to keep my dogs out and other things, thank you

  2. Patrick

    It looks like your fence is about 6′ tall. Did you find wire fencing that height or use multiple rolls. I’ve only been able to find 4/5′ online.


  3. Christine

    What type of wood did your husband use for the vegetable garden? My husband and I would like to start one and I think that looks much sturdier and nicer than the metal posts! Also, would love to know the height too and the type of wire 🙂

  4. Patrick- We got the wire from our local Agway. It was in 6′ rolls.

    Christine- I’ll have to check on the type of wood with my husband. He’s a builder and has a lot of excess wood leftover from jobs, so it was salvaged. It’s about 6′ tall, 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. I’m not sure what you call the wire, but we bought it in a roll from our local Agway.

  5. NIck

    Awesome fence. Want to do the same here..how are the panels held to the posts?

  6. Debbie

    I love the pictures of your garden! The structure is the best looking one that I have seen. There are many listings that reccommend not using treated lumber, as the chemical will seep into your garden & vegtables. Question to your husband, are there types of lumber that aren’t treated and that would also last for years? The metal posts make the garden look very unpleasant.. 😦

    Lovely pictures on your site, lots of happiness!

  7. R Papooch

    Love the Fence design!
    Question: Can your husband share how he made the panels? I see they frame is bolted at the corners but how is the wire fencing being held in place within the groves?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Currently, planning a garden fence of my own. I’d love to follow the panel designs you have.


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