All Grown Up

wild turkeys apples 002

The wild turkey chicks we spotted in the spring and enjoyed watching grow up over the summer are now huge! Here they are today walking around our little apple trees.  How’s the wildlife in your area?


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3 responses to “All Grown Up

  1. Sad to say, the best way for me to keep tabs on local wildlife is via roadkill: I live on a very busy state highway. By that measure, I’d say good year for raccoons, bad year for skunks and possums, and can’t tell on deer. About LIVE animals, well, I heard a whole pack of coyotes RIGHT outside my door during the dry spell in august: I think they were looking for water and found my kiddie pool. Lots of tree frogs, lots of garter snakes. Birds.

  2. I’m in Pennsylvania, very near the border of new Jersey. Every evening as I drive home from the farm, I pass a herd of deer grazing in the fields; every morning, on my way to school, I pass a different herd. Squirrels abound; crows, hawks, great blue heron; I have seen a few foxes this year too. My daughter saw a baby black bear on Wednesday. In October, I recite the “counting crows” rhyme almost every morning. This morning I got up to “Seven’s a secret ne’er to be told” just before I got to work.

  3. Too cute! Time flies!

    Too many coyotes for my liking around here, especially when they’re howling at night during a feeding frenzy.

    The deer? I LOVE them, and am pretty much convinced that every deer I see in the orchard is a direct descendent from our pet deer, Bambi.

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